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September 1998 - CCRA PRESIDENT
My Kris Draper Page

Joseph Pileggi: September 1998

Kris Draper of the Detroit Red Wings once again proudly brought Lord Stanley's Cup to the Centennial Community.

The Red Wings for the second year in a row, captured the National Hockey League Championship by handily defeating the Washington Capitals in four straight games. Johnny Douitsis (co-owner of the Hockey Guys) and a friend of Kris and the Draper family described Kris as "one of the best centres in the NHL". Johnny had no problem betting on Kris to score the winning overtime goal in the second game of the playoffs. He promptly went out and ended the Capitals hope for a comeback.

The Draper family are long-term residents of the Centennial Community and have been stalwart supporters of Kris' career. Furthermore Kris added to their celebrations by getting married in late July. I wish Kris and his family all the best. His kindness in bringing the Cup to
Tilley Drive two years in a row is thrilling to all the local children and anyone up to the age of ninety. Heaven knows we can't rely on the Leafs.

Our Heritage Day Parade had over 700 participants bringing approximately 3000 people to the Highland Creek festivities. Marg Penny, who orchestrated the parade and all of our volunteers deserve a tremendous accolade. It was a very large and difficult job which they did extremely well.

The Port Union recreation Centre will be making some changes at the back of the centre to accommodate skate boarders. Apparently they do not have a place to partake in their activities and were using sidewalks and parking lots. At this time, there are some preliminary plans which hopefully will soon be implemented.

The CCRA sponsored three Sunday Night Jazz nights. We have spoken to the Toronto Jazz Festival about enriching our program. Stay tuned for the first Centennial Community Jazz Festival - particulars to follow.

We have been greatly involved with the Ontario Municipal Board and the Manson Development. The pre-hearings have concluded. Neither the Ministry of the Environment nor the City of
Toronto has reviewed the cleanup proposals. As such, until the cleanup of the site has been undertaken and/or the proper approvals are in place - nothing will happen there. Regardless, there might be a plan of subdivision approved which again would be conditional on Environmental approvals.

The West Rouge Soccer Association had over 2000 children in its program this year. The WRSA has come to a point where there are not enough soccer fields to accommodate all the registrants. This is unfortunate. Both the Baseball and Softball Associations have had banner years.

The CCRA is now part of the Heron Park Arena Renovation Plan Committee. Apparently, a 1992 study be the City
Scarborough concluded the arena was fine and did not need to be repaired. I do not know who wrote the report but all one has to do is enter the arena to realize it is probably one of the most dilapidated hockey structures in the city. The CCRA was not part of the original study group. We now are. We have taken a very active approach in partnership with the West Hill Hockey Association, complaining that the rink is desperately in need of repairs and remodeling. There are additional plans for the site. For example, the Baseball Diamond is to be enlarged, the Community Centre is to be torn down, the parking lots and storage sheds are to be relocated, etc. The City has budgeted approximately $5.2 million for various improvements. I do not think we will end up with a new arena but hopefully a long-needed face lift will be part of the plan.

I am also happy to inform everyone that the north/south trail in
Colonel Danforth Park is almost complete. There is a small bridge that has to be completed. Once built the south trail will take residents to Lake Ontario, the beach and East Point Park. We are still pushing the east/west link. This is a complicated endeavour. There are multiple government agencies involved. At this time, the provincial government has not provided its share of the funding.

Last but not least, our yearly membership drive is almost over. I am happy to say we are very financially solvent. It is amazing how strong our community spirit is. We have some more ideas for 1998-1999. I would like to push the jazz festival, Victoria Day fireworks display, some sort of open marathon run for various age groups (whether it is 4K, 8K, etc.) and provide more joint community activities with other local groups.

Come October, we will be having our Annual General Meeting. I would like people to consider participating on the executive. One major issue the new executive needs to address is some sort of Memorial response on behalf of past community members such as Bill Hancox, Gord Grievson and Paul Marsh - (just to name a few).