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November 5, 2003 - FROM THE WINGS: Q&A
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THIS WEEK @RWW - 11/05/03

THIS WEEKS TOPIC: Are goalies in this league as eccentric as the press makes them out to be?

COACH LEWIS: There have been some over the years that have been odd and unusual in some of their preparation or nuances and things that they did. Everybodys a little bit different. If you talk to any of our goalies, everybodys a little bit different in their preparation or in what they do or how they play. That has something to do with it. I think more so than in general, they are a bit different then the rest of the players.

You have to have a certain resolve (to be a goalie). You have to have a certain outlook to the game and have a lot of confidence in yourself.

McCARTY: Yeah, theyre nuts in their own way. Some are different than others. First of all, somethings not got to be right with you if you want to step behind guys shooting at you and hitting you in the head. Its crazy. I think because theyre a rare breed theres only like 60 employed guys in the league, two to a team. Theyre just a special breed. Its a lot like I think they have a lot of the same roles as pitchers, the closer in pitching. Theres a lot of the pressure a lot of the times. They get the heat if they dont succeed. You got to to mentally be on a different level.

LEGACE: We must be weird. During a game we like to do our own schedule. Its a team game, but basically were out there by ourselves. Were the ones that are the last defense. Were the ones that have to stop the puck and were out there for sixty minutes.

You know, you can either lose a game or win a game. There is a lot of pressure. These guys go out for a 30 second shift and theyre back on the bench. You know, they can laugh and joke and just get ready for the 30 second shift, 45 second shift. When were out there, every second counts. A shot from the red line sneaks in, it can ruin a game. A shot from the corner, a bad goal given up can change the momentum of a game. We can be stand offish on a game day, just keep to ourselves and just prepare differently than what they do. Most of the guys are riding the bike, were working to conserve energy and just want to relax and think about the game. These guys joke around and laugh. I know their jobs hard, but its more of a mental thing for a goalie. Everybodys got the ability to be here, its just whether you can get yourself mentally prepared and get things done.

I dont know too many goalies, theres only a very rare breed, that can balance (joking around and concentrating). I know I cant. Ive got to be serious the whole game, through the intermission, and before. We joke after we win. When you come to the rink, its no joking matter. Goaltending is mental. 

WOOLLEY: Put yourself in front of a puck going a 100 mph. You dont have to send off the space shuttle to realize that theyre cuckoo.

I think its a combination of all of them. Theyre crazy to do what theyre doing on the ice. Ive played in net (a couple times in practice over the years) and its not fun. No thanks. Soon as you see a guy (winding up for a shot) Im always right in the corner see you later. Theyve got these superstitions that I dont know what theyre doing. Theyre just whacked. Youve seen Patrick Roy, he was cuckoo with his routines. Its just funny, Ive always had good relationships with the goalies on my team, so whats that say about me?

DRAPER: Well, I mean, I lived with one. I lived with Chris Osgood for four years. I always felt that he was just as down to earth as you were going to get as a goaltender and a guy. Nothing really bothers him. Theres a lot of goalies in the league that have their own rooms when they go on the road. Maltby is rooming with Manny right now. I mean, were lucky. We got good guys. I think the thing is they take a lot of burden on themselves. Its because theyre obviously the last line of defense. They expect a lot of themselves and I think maybe thats why they kind of go into a little bit of an isolation kind of thinking. You know, its them against everybody else, but obviously were here with them and were a part of it. Maybe that has something to do with.

CHELIOS: I think that our guys are normal guys, for the most part. Theres something different about a regular player and a goalie. Youve got to be a little crazy to stand in the net like that. Yeah, theyre definitely a different breed. Theyre just head cases, most of them. Theyre under a lot of pressure.

Dom gets a little cuckoo. Cujos pretty mild. Cujos probably the most normal. Ozzie was pretty normal. Most of them should be in a crazy home.