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November 11, 2003 - Over the boards ... with the Red Wings' Kris Draper
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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Over the boards ... with the Red Wings' Kris Draper

David Guralnick / The Detroit News

Kris Draper



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What posters did you have on your bedroom walls when you were a child? I always had the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar, and a (Labatt) Blue Light poster of Pam Anderson. I didn't even know who she was at the time. She was really young and it was like her first poster I think.

You know now who Pam Anderson is, right? Oh yes, I certainly do.

Best hair band of the '80s: Olivia Newton-John in the "Physical" video.

No, wrong thing. That's a head band. I meant a band that had totally whacked out hair. Oh, sorry! I thought you meant something else. Then I'd have to say Platinum Blonde. They had really bad hair.

What's the worst car you ever owned? I'd have to say my first car, a 1976 Camaro. Gray outside, red interior. I got it in 1990 and it was pretty used up already, put through the wringer.

Favorite subject in school: I liked history, any kind of history. ... I didn't like a lot of classes. I mean, I can't say phys ed was my favorite class. That would kind of be like cheating. That's a no-brainer. I excelled in that.

Can you swear in any other languages? Russian.

Do you swear in Russian on the ice? I used to around here, but it's pointless now since we only have one Russian left (on the Wings roster). I guess the only guy I swear at in Russian now is our masseur, Tcheka (Sergei Tchekmarev).

Favorite Ferris Bueller character: Cameron. I had a buddy, one of my best friends growing up, who kinda looked like Cameron. We called him Cameron.

You didn't like Cameron just because he wore a Red Wings jersey? It's kind of funny to see that movie now and see him wearing a Red Wings jersey. That is a pretty cool thing.

Favorite color: Blue.